05 July 2006

Flock Browser Beta

I am taking the opportunity of the summer break to try and blog more regularly.

As no detailed blog post seems to have been published on Foldera since the release of the Beta on 19 June 2006, I have decided to prepare one of my own which should be posted later this week. For the time being, here are my first impressions on the new Flock browser.

I have been trying the Flock Browser Beta 1 (v. 0.7) for Mac OS X since yesterday and must say that I was so impressed that it was pretty much an immediate adoption. I would therefore very strongly recommend it to anyone. Two of my favourite features, besides the favorites toolbar à la Safari, are:

  • Flock's Photobar which allows you to view online photos from a Flickr account (yours or a friends) at the top of the browser,
  • The built-in blog editor, which allows you to write and edit blog posts and which I am using to write this post. It is really user friendly and so easy to use. The way it creates very simply technorati tags is really cool.

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