17 February 2006

ContactOffice, the Professional Virtual Office

Checking links from my personal website today, I visited the site of my Alma Mater, the University of Provence in Aix-en-Provence, and was very interested by a mention of a Bureau virtuel (ie a virtual office), bringing together all the universities of South Eastern France. This service is provided by ContactOffice, a name which really did not ring a bell. Looking at their website, I discovered that this Belgian company offers quite an interesting service, Professional Virtual Office. The blurb describes it as follows: "Easily manage your data (emails, contacts, meetings, documents, tasks, ...) in your virtual office from any computer with a Web browser and an Internet connection. Share your data and access shared data efficiently in the context of work or leisure groups. Your data are safe and available anytime on the Web, on a PDA (online or offline) or on a WAP capable cell phone." I signed on for a free account and must say that I find the package very attractive and it might be worth for you to have a look at it. There is a free version with limited storage capacity (5MB) but the US$6.40 version offers 150MB of storage. This seems to be an excellent alternative to Backpack or Basecamp or both. The service is available in French, Dutch and English. The English address is www.contactoffice.com.


At 3/20/2006 04:30:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I checked with the company. They have a specific pricing for the educational sector which is clearly more interesting.

At 4/19/2006 06:49:00 pm, Blogger Pascal Venier said...

That's good to know, dear Anonymous.


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