14 February 2006

Calendering with Time-Design planners

I have recently come across the Time-Design(R) website. The Time-Design line of planners is the most impressive I have come accross so far. It also seem to be one which seems to be remarkably compatible with a gtd implementation; not that I would think of giving up on my current setting using FreeMind and mind-maps, which really seem to be ideally suited for the way I think and work.
Time-Design Planner
A whole range of screenshots, which gives a good indication of the quality of the design, is available here.

An interesting feature of the planner system is that it is based on its very own methodology, called 5 Focus Management® Practices, which consists in the following principles:  

  • Free Your Mind by downloading and filtering your activities.
  • Focus on the Big Picture by managing goals and short- and mid-term projects.
  • Manage the Details of accomplishing your goals.
  • Seal the Cracks so you never have to wake up in a panic
  • Make Success Routine by focusing on your accomplishments.
... more on this is available from the site. It is worth noting that this 5 Focus Management(R) seem to constitute a slight departure from Time-Design earlier 5-D Filter(TM) methodology, the 5-D were Dump it, Differ, Delegate, Diferenciate, and Do.

Interestingly Time-Design also offer training and coaching as part of their portfolio. Besides the usual on-site and public seminars, it also offers training on-line with Focus on Line. Such on-line training course comes in two flavours: Focus Management® Using Outlook® and Focus Management® Using the Time/Design Management Planner. At US $49.95 plus US$ 45 for The Power of Focus Management® Workbook Available in .pdf format it does constitute an very attractive offer.

Please, pretty please ...
If anyone from Time-Design read this post I would like to express an interest in test-driving the online course, if this was possible, with a view to writing an evaluation of Focus-on-line on this blog.


At 2/23/2006 12:42:00 am, Blogger Matthew Cornell said...

Nice write-up, Pascal. I saw their stuff earlier (I believe David Allen of GTD fame used their products for years), but I didn't see the compatibility with GTD...


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