24 February 2006

Organizing from the Inside Out on-line course on Barnes & Noble University®

Barnes & Noble University® is offering as part of its free online courses and reading groups a course on Organizing from the Inside Out. The course in question will start on 6 March 2006, last for 4 weeks and the estimated completion time is of 16 hours. Registration is now opened.
It will be based on two of my favourite productivity books Organizing from the inside Out: The Foolproof System for Organizing Your Home, Your Office and Your Life and Time Management from the inside Out: The Foolproof Plan for Taking Control of Your Schedule and Your Life by Julie Morgenstern. I have found these two books a very complement to Getting Things Done

21 February 2006


I came accross another virtual office site today: Foldera. It sounds a lot like ContactOffice but is Web 2.0.

17 February 2006

ContactOffice, the Professional Virtual Office

Checking links from my personal website today, I visited the site of my Alma Mater, the University of Provence in Aix-en-Provence, and was very interested by a mention of a Bureau virtuel (ie a virtual office), bringing together all the universities of South Eastern France. This service is provided by ContactOffice, a name which really did not ring a bell. Looking at their website, I discovered that this Belgian company offers quite an interesting service, Professional Virtual Office. The blurb describes it as follows: "Easily manage your data (emails, contacts, meetings, documents, tasks, ...) in your virtual office from any computer with a Web browser and an Internet connection. Share your data and access shared data efficiently in the context of work or leisure groups. Your data are safe and available anytime on the Web, on a PDA (online or offline) or on a WAP capable cell phone." I signed on for a free account and must say that I find the package very attractive and it might be worth for you to have a look at it. There is a free version with limited storage capacity (5MB) but the US$6.40 version offers 150MB of storage. This seems to be an excellent alternative to Backpack or Basecamp or both. The service is available in French, Dutch and English. The English address is www.contactoffice.com.

14 February 2006

Calendering with Time-Design planners

I have recently come across the Time-Design(R) website. The Time-Design line of planners is the most impressive I have come accross so far. It also seem to be one which seems to be remarkably compatible with a gtd implementation; not that I would think of giving up on my current setting using FreeMind and mind-maps, which really seem to be ideally suited for the way I think and work.
Time-Design Planner
A whole range of screenshots, which gives a good indication of the quality of the design, is available here.

An interesting feature of the planner system is that it is based on its very own methodology, called 5 Focus Management® Practices, which consists in the following principles:  

  • Free Your Mind by downloading and filtering your activities.
  • Focus on the Big Picture by managing goals and short- and mid-term projects.
  • Manage the Details of accomplishing your goals.
  • Seal the Cracks so you never have to wake up in a panic
  • Make Success Routine by focusing on your accomplishments.
... more on this is available from the site. It is worth noting that this 5 Focus Management(R) seem to constitute a slight departure from Time-Design earlier 5-D Filter(TM) methodology, the 5-D were Dump it, Differ, Delegate, Diferenciate, and Do.

Interestingly Time-Design also offer training and coaching as part of their portfolio. Besides the usual on-site and public seminars, it also offers training on-line with Focus on Line. Such on-line training course comes in two flavours: Focus Management® Using Outlook® and Focus Management® Using the Time/Design Management Planner. At US $49.95 plus US$ 45 for The Power of Focus Management® Workbook Available in .pdf format it does constitute an very attractive offer.

Please, pretty please ...
If anyone from Time-Design read this post I would like to express an interest in test-driving the online course, if this was possible, with a view to writing an evaluation of Focus-on-line on this blog.

12 February 2006

Le diagramme de flux de travail de Getting Things Done

Mogore a récemment suggéré la pertinence de créer un site de resources en français sur GTD. Comme Getting Things Done n'a pas encore été traduit en français, j'ai pensé qu'il pourrait être utile aux francophones de pouvoir disposer d'une traduction du diagramme du flux de travail de GTD et en ai préparé une. Elle n'est pas parfaite et tout suggestion pour l'améliorer est bien sûr bienvenue.
Il est bien dommage que le livre ne soit pas encore disponible en français, car je suis sûr que ce serait un grand succès.
French translation of the GTD Workflow Diagram
Le document est bien sûr (c) David Allen Company et tout usage commercial en est interdit.
Pour plus d'information visit: www.davidco.com.

GTD seminars in French

I have recently come accross a website which might be of interest to French speakers in Europe.
The French branch of a Dutch consultancy firm, SRS Consulting, is now offering seminars in French based on the David Allen method: www.srsconsulting.fr/gestion-du-temps/david-allen.htm.

French translation of the GTD workflow diagram

Mogore recently suggested creating a site of resources in French on GTD. As GTD has not yet been translated into French, I have thought it might be useful to french speakers to have a translation of the GTD workflow diagram and have prepared one. It is not yet perfect and any suggestion for improvements is most welcome.
It is a shame the book is not yet available in French, as I am sure it would be a great success there.
French translation of the GTD Workflow Diagram
The document is of course (c) David Allen Company and should not be used for any commercial enterprise.
For more information, visit: www.davidco.com.