06 December 2005

OmmiGraffle as a substitute to PowerPoint ?

Since switching from a wintel machine to a mac in July 2004, I must say that I have progressively walked away from using PowerPoint. I must say that I have had some rather unpleasant surprises when preparing presentations on my mac and later trying to use them in lecture rooms at the university where wintel machines are the standard issue.
I tried using Keynote in September and although the graphics were great, I was not overall that impressed. Using Neo Office remained the best option
Lately I have started experiencing using OmniGraffle Professional instead. The result is in fact quite impressive. The hack is to save the OmniGraffle slides as a pdf files and to use Adobe Reader to show the slides presentation. This does not allow for sound effects as PowerPoint does, but I must say that I have never used that function in a public presentation yet.
I enclose a sample of the slides I used for a lecture I gave last week to Officer Cadets from the French Air Force École du Commissariat de l'Air who were visiting the University of Salford for a short course. The presentation was based on a paper I gave in March 2004 at a Mackinder Forum conference at the University of Oxford. They have been saved as jpeg files rather than pdf files as in the presentation I gave. They are best viewed on flickr as a large version of the file.

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