23 December 2005

GTD Week

If last week was "Clear your clutter" cum Autumn cleaning week rolled into one - it is quite frightening to see how much junk a family of five can accumulate in a year, and at the same time how much stuff which has not been used in the lasr 8 years deserves to be disposed of-, this week has been decreeted GTD week. After the end of the semester at the university and falling very badly from the GTD bandwagon, it was time to regroup and get back to basics. In this respect, Des Paroz's was as ever spot on and a great source of inspiration. His post on Knocking Down Walls: GTD Ownership vs Orthodoxy, which pointed back to his Shu-Ha-Ri and GTD, an all time favourite of mine, was coming just at the right time. Likewise, the long expected latest release of Des and Cameron Reilly's The Personal Productivity Show on TPN - Episode 017. Cameron was away on hols, lucky devils it is summer down under, but Des nevertheless did great. Of particular relevance for me was what he said to the effect that : "This time of year is a common time to be a bit out of control, but the quieter period many of us have coming up is a great opportunity to get things back on track for the new year - clean up your inboxes, review your projects lists, brainstorm for new ones and rethink the optimal time for a weekly review". The quote comes from his blog posting, but he elaborated nicely on the theme in the podcast. It was interesting and encouraging that it is not only GTD white belt like myself who fall down and bite the dust in this way. Keep up the good work lads (Hope you enjoyed the Cricket last summer would probably! ;-) Of course as a Frenchman I am neutral in such matters).
In my letter to Santa Klaus, I must say, in the stricted confidence that I have asked for a copy of David Allen's Getting Things Done Fast. Let's hope that the letter arrived. Let's cross fingers.


At 12/24/2005 01:27:00 am, Blogger Des Paroz said...

Hi Pascal. Thanks for the link love, and also the good words about the show.

In karate, we have a saying that translates basically as "get knocked down 7 times, stand up 8".

I reckon this is a pretty good way of approaching the challenge of personal productivity.

I'll have to use that in my blog, or on the next show!


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