03 November 2005

Making a fool of myself one more time!

This post is inspired my Merlin Man's Disk maintenance small boost to productivity? There is maintenance and ... maintenance. Having upgraded from Panther to Tiger in the summer I noticed a slowdown of my Mac. I therefore had to reformat everything after backing up all my files. Four months later, I discovered that the first chapter of the book I was writing has now vanished!!! For years I have not only been backing up everything - or at least I thought I was! - but also telling everyone, students and fellow academics alike, how vital it was to suitably back up all your files. Making a fool of myself once again! Indeed I am! Is not technology such a wonderful school of humility. Is this a way for Providence to suggest that this chapter ought to be started from scratch again. It does sounds like it. I am left with no alternative in any way!


At 12/01/2005 05:46:00 am, Anonymous Wong Online PoK√©r Hu said...

That's not so bad, in my opinion. At least, only a chapter vanished into thin air, not the whole book, so there is still reason to be joyous.

At 12/23/2005 10:43:00 pm, Blogger Pascal Venier said...

Very true. But it was the only chapter I had made significant progress in writing to date.


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