29 November 2005

Punkey on Backpack and GTD

Punkey at What's the next action has a great post on Backpack and GTD.
I also use Backpack as part of my gtd implementation and find it great. What I find most frustrating with Backpack is however the absence of a calendering function. The best way I have found around it is to also use Airset and have an iframe of the calendar on the homepage of my Backpack account.
Punkey expresses the view that "The predefined mailadresses are a pain to remember. This should be something like pagename@accountname.backpackit.com instead of the random names you get now."
What I do to go round the problem is to enter each backpack email address as a contact in on my email account.
For instance the @Office page is entered as
First name: Office
Surname: Backpack
This therefore give something like "Backpack, Office" in my contact list.
This way there is no need to remember each Backpack page email address. I found Backpack extremelly useful to process my email in-box and to easily forward emails to the relevant Backpack page, easily transforming every email which warranties it in a next action item.

26 November 2005

Nova Mind 3.0.2

A while back I was comparing mindmapping softwares for Windows and Mac, and expressing my disapointment with the Mac softwares. I since (re)discovered Freemind which is very handy as it works on both my Mac Powerbook and my Wintel machine at the university. More recently, I have been testing the brand new version of Nova Mind, Nova Mind 3, for which I have now purchased an upgrade.
Whilst Nova Mind version 3 looks and feel very similar to the old Nova Mind 2.4.6, it is apparently a completely re-write of the application and according to the product blurb, "almost 200,000 lines of new code ... make it all work". Subsequently there are still slight teething problems and since the launch of new NovaMind 3.0 on 8 November, regular upgrades are being released and I upgraded to 3.0.2 earlier today.
A windows version is also announced which will work with the same licence, therefore allowing the same user to use it on both Wintel and a Mac machine.
Whilst Nova Mind boldly claims to be "the Most Powerful Mind Mapping Software Available Anywhere". I am not yet sure I would agree with this statement as MindManager 6 which I test drived at the university a while back still seems to keep the edge.

08 November 2005

GTD aphorism

Project: Thinking outside the box. Next action: Find your way out of the paper bag.

03 November 2005

Making a fool of myself one more time!

This post is inspired my Merlin Man's Disk maintenance small boost to productivity? There is maintenance and ... maintenance. Having upgraded from Panther to Tiger in the summer I noticed a slowdown of my Mac. I therefore had to reformat everything after backing up all my files. Four months later, I discovered that the first chapter of the book I was writing has now vanished!!! For years I have not only been backing up everything - or at least I thought I was! - but also telling everyone, students and fellow academics alike, how vital it was to suitably back up all your files. Making a fool of myself once again! Indeed I am! Is not technology such a wonderful school of humility. Is this a way for Providence to suggest that this chapter ought to be started from scratch again. It does sounds like it. I am left with no alternative in any way!