20 October 2005

Introducing Remember the milk's Bob T. Monkey

One of, if not the key figure of the Remember the Milk team is Bob T. Monkey. Here is the text of his official profile:
"While Emily was initially skeptical about the contribution that a stuffed monkey could make to Remember The Milk, she was convinced by Omar to give Bob T. Monkey a chance.
Bob has far exceeded our expectations and made an extremely valuable contribution to the project, writing several thousand lines of JavaScript while we were relaxing on the beach.
Bob resides on a desk in Sydney, Australia.

One Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Typing was indeed very impressed by this cousin from down under. So was Wolfgang the Bear (pictured below) who dropped Bob an email to congratulate him: "Wolfgang the Bear to Bob T. Monkey
Congratulations mate! You have done on hell of a job on this one. Keep up the good work!" Today a reply came from Australia: "Thanks! I've tried my best, but Emily and Omar have me answering over 1,000 emails at 4am in the morning!
Such is the life of a monkey, I guess...
-- Bob."



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