21 October 2005

Internet and International Relations

The forthcoming issue of Foreign Affairs has a fascinating article on "Who Will Control the Internet?", by Kenneth Neil Cukier, who covers technology and regulatory issues for The Economist. Its summary goes as follows: "Foreign governments want control of the Internet transferred from an American NGO to an international institution. Washington has responded with a Monroe Doctrine for our times, setting the stage for further controversy." Kenneth Neil Cukier, Who Will Control the Internet?", Foreign Affairs, November/December 2005 is, for the time being, available on line.

20 October 2005

Introducing Remember the milk's Bob T. Monkey

One of, if not the key figure of the Remember the Milk team is Bob T. Monkey. Here is the text of his official profile:
"While Emily was initially skeptical about the contribution that a stuffed monkey could make to Remember The Milk, she was convinced by Omar to give Bob T. Monkey a chance.
Bob has far exceeded our expectations and made an extremely valuable contribution to the project, writing several thousand lines of JavaScript while we were relaxing on the beach.
Bob resides on a desk in Sydney, Australia.

One Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Typing was indeed very impressed by this cousin from down under. So was Wolfgang the Bear (pictured below) who dropped Bob an email to congratulate him: "Wolfgang the Bear to Bob T. Monkey
Congratulations mate! You have done on hell of a job on this one. Keep up the good work!" Today a reply came from Australia: "Thanks! I've tried my best, but Emily and Omar have me answering over 1,000 emails at 4am in the morning!
Such is the life of a monkey, I guess...
-- Bob."


18 October 2005

@Contexts and Real-Life(tm)

"If I where a Mac user I would try Kinkless GTD" says Christian Eriksson in a very interesting posting on his blog Sanctum mekkanicum, A analog soul in a digital world, I have come across on Technorati.
My initial thought (in gtd talk):
Next action: Switch over!
I did it 15 months ago and there is no turning back.
A new version of Kinkless GTD", which keep getting better and better, has incidently just been released. Thanks Ethan! Keep up the good work!
Saying that, I was very impressed by Masterlist very recently presentented on the quintessential Personal productivity Show, by in Cameron Reilley and Des Paroz on the Podcast Network. I downloaded it on my wintel machine at the university and it does sound very good.

12 October 2005

Next action: Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a new free online service coming to us from down under. I am currently evaluating it and must say that I am so far very impressed. It might be a suitable replacement to either or both Backpack and Airset to create next action lists to implement gtd. One of the coolest features is the ability to generate new to dos by simply sending an email to the Remember the Milk.

01 October 2005

Minezemac on Tracks, Getting Things Done properly

Minezemac is a very promising new blog on "all things Mac or not", with its companion wiki. It is all about such things as Mac, GTD and Mind Maps.

I discovered it through a post on GTD+Moleskine+Tracks=Hipskine.


I had, of course, already heard much about Tracks which has been developped by bsag at But She is a Girl, one of my favourite blogs and a great source of both wisdom and Mac tips.

I had another look at Tracks, which is indeed so impressive, judging from the screenshots and the screencasts. I spent several hours trying to understand how to install it but my abilities. It is such a shame there isn't a web-based version à la backpack, it would be a great success. There might be a great business idea there.