07 August 2005

Getting Things Done the Devonthink Way

In the few lasts months, I have posted on this blog and on flickr, a number of notes and screenshots on implementing on .
I am currently thinking of taking the opportunity of my summer break to prepare a more detailed document on the subject, some kind of write-up, which might be useful to other Devonthink users, or prospective users.
I would therefore be very keen on hearing from other Devonthink GTDers to compare views, practices and also screenshots.
An issue I have only started looking into is that of using applescripts for my implentation. Are there around cool applescritps which are of relevance.
Do not hesitate to leave a comment on this blog, or on the thread I have just opened on the Devonthink Forum or by contacting me using pascal.venier at gmail.com


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