05 August 2005

Applications We Live In

I have come accross a very interesting post by Rusty Haskell on Bactroid.net, a blog I had never visited before, on Applications I Live In. As he puts it: "I find comparison to be extremely beneficial to re-evaluating my own workflow. I love when someone on a blog talks about the applications they use to get through every day. Sometimes it teaches me about an application that I had either not heard of previously or to which I just hadn't bothered to give more than a passing glance. Here then is the currently list of applications that I live in every day and whose absence would make my life much more difficult." This is a great idea and I have decided to follow his example and will be writing shortly a post along the same lines.

Of special interest to me, in his post was a brief description of his implementation of GTD on OmniOutliner, about which I would be very curious to learn more and perhaps also to see some screenshots.


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