20 August 2005

Weekly Review

"I think hard and strategically at least once a week - doing a complete weekly review - so the rest of the week [...] I just work off of those updated, clear, current, complete lists." This is what Jason Womack writes in a recent post", reflecting on this simple but essential, weekly process. There, he also links to an older post on A systematic approach to cleaning up

As a GTD white belt like myself, to use David Allen's image, it is an habit which does not necessarily goes without saying.

As a rather disorganised person, I must say that whilst I enjoy the process of clearing and cleaning up, what can take hours to organise, can take just minutes to disorganise.

16 August 2005

GTDthink : Template for GTD using Devonthink

I have prepared a downloadable version of template I have created and have been using for a while for GTD using Devonthink Pro.

It is available here

14 August 2005

New Unix Geek War on Terror

Sun Ray Blog has a very funny post on the War in terror as unix code: New Unix Geek War on Terror.

... and if you don't get it, the version with explanations : The War on Terror - For Dummies

and there is also the tee-shirt

Photo of the New Unix Geek War on Terror tee-shirt

08 August 2005

French Terror Alert System

Another piece of political humour. This French Terror Alert System, a variation on the theme of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, is found on a tee-shirt sold by www.tshirts365.com


This is of course based on the official Homeland Security Advisory System.

Photo of Homeland Security Advisory System

07 August 2005

Two Plus Two Equals Five

Vlad Spears recently has this photo on his 2second(fuse) blog on Two Plus Two Equals Five.

Two Plus Two Equals Five

Getting Things Done the Devonthink Way

In the few lasts months, I have posted on this blog and on flickr, a number of notes and screenshots on implementing on .
I am currently thinking of taking the opportunity of my summer break to prepare a more detailed document on the subject, some kind of write-up, which might be useful to other Devonthink users, or prospective users.
I would therefore be very keen on hearing from other Devonthink GTDers to compare views, practices and also screenshots.
An issue I have only started looking into is that of using applescripts for my implentation. Are there around cool applescritps which are of relevance.
Do not hesitate to leave a comment on this blog, or on the thread I have just opened on the Devonthink Forum or by contacting me using pascal.venier at gmail.com

06 August 2005

... Action Without Vision is a Nightmare

Action Without Vision is a Nightmare

... More on this photo by Brandnewbrain.

05 August 2005

Applications We Live In

I have come accross a very interesting post by Rusty Haskell on Bactroid.net, a blog I had never visited before, on Applications I Live In. As he puts it: "I find comparison to be extremely beneficial to re-evaluating my own workflow. I love when someone on a blog talks about the applications they use to get through every day. Sometimes it teaches me about an application that I had either not heard of previously or to which I just hadn't bothered to give more than a passing glance. Here then is the currently list of applications that I live in every day and whose absence would make my life much more difficult." This is a great idea and I have decided to follow his example and will be writing shortly a post along the same lines.

Of special interest to me, in his post was a brief description of his implementation of GTD on OmniOutliner, about which I would be very curious to learn more and perhaps also to see some screenshots.

04 August 2005

The "Not Insane" To-Do List

The American Digest has a brilliant post on a cool to-do list template for a hipster pda card. Simplify, simplify, simplify!