24 June 2005

Toolbox + Workflow = GTD

I have just come across a very interesting posting by Sonny Cloward over at Vermont Nonprofit CommunIT blogs. He says "I suppose everyone gets those proverbial late night wild hairs every once in awhile and I'm no exception. Around 11:00PM last night I decided it was time to finally do some work flow diagramming; taking my toolbox list and laying out how I use them to Get Things Done. Truth be told, I love doing this sort of stuff."

I am not completely sure about the meaning of "late night wild hairs", and probably do not have enough hair left for anything wild. It remains that I must confess that not only am I partial to both diagramming and minp mapping, but I was doing the very same thing yesterday night. Using the cMap concept mapping software, I was designing a similar diagramme of workflow and tools to clarify my thoughts on my own little on-going experimentation with getting things done.

This involves in my case DevonThink, Gmail, Backpack and Firefox; I am only really taking the first steps towards using ical and/or Mozilla Calendar. The big incentive in this respect has been that my new cell phone, an Sony Ericsson T610, could talk to my Powerbook G4, and syncronise calendars. Having to use wintel at work complicates things but ...

Toolbox + Workflow = GTD Diagramme


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