03 June 2005


I have recently started revisiting Backpack. It clearly had not impressed me at all to start with. My initial conclusion: so what?
Postings by But She is a Girl, tech ronin and plasticboy among others, have made me think that I should perhaps try again.
I gave myself a week to try and integrate it to my current implementation of gtd. After a few days I must say that I am now very, very impressed. So much so that I have already upgraded to the $5 a month option.
. I find the ability to send emails lists on Backpack hugely convenient. The Backpack account gives me the possibility of creating 20 lists, which I use for context and projects. I am now processing emails every time I check my in-box. I use backpack to translates any e-mail, or the meaningful text from emails, into a next action item on the lists I keep in Basecamp. All it takes is to forward to the page. This is very easy as each page has its very own emain address. I also use a gmail account, completely separate from my main email account, to store emails, which I may need just in case. All emails on my main email account have now been processed and I aim at having it empty by the end of each day.

I keep the research side of my work as an academic entirely in Devonthink, as most of the research in libraries and archives is conducted off-line. I incidently spent a wonderful afternoon working on old Edwardian periodicals at the Manchester City Library today.


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