23 May 2005

... In praise of procrastination ?

But She is a girl has a while back written a brilliant post on her Procrastination index, which I very strongly recommend, especially if you work in education, or edutainement as I am more and more tempted to call it. bsag notes that it is "that dreaded exam marking time of year again" and how marking, is "one of the most severe procrastination generators that I’m faced with in my daily life." As a fellow academic it made me laugh, as I know this feeling all too well!!!
My office at the university has never been so clean and tidy and I feel an irresistible urge to finish reorganising my files along the line suggest by GTD. It will have taken me 9 months to achieve this.
... Tongue in cheek one would be very tempted to argue that procrastination is not necessarily a bad thing. Several years ago, I discovered this wonderful text by Standford philosopher John Perry, who is also one of the editors of the Philosophy talk, "the [radio] program that questions everything ...except your intelligence", on what he calls Structured Procrastination. Interestingly, upon finishing bsag's post, I discovered that the first comment from readers, by Scott Lewis was precisely on the very same text.


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