22 May 2005

GTD on Devonthink: Bibliographical references revisited

Jonlemon has made a useful comment on my post on bibliographical reference in Devonthink and points out that 'if you're handling a lot of references and want to produce a reference list for a manuscript, then the collection of all the seperate references becomes a tedious task. [...] Bottom line: I think your setup is a good way to integrate referenes into DevonThink aslong as you're not dealing with a lot of references." This is a very valid point! After giving some thinking to the question I think that I have come up with a solution. Here it goes:

Instead of creating only 1 note per reference as I suggested earlier, I would create 2 notes.
Note 1 The title of the first note would have as a title the shorted reference (Surname, Name. Year. i.e. Allen, David. 2001.) It would contain the full reference (ie Allen, David 2001. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. London: Penguin.).
Note 2 The title of the second would be the full reference and it will contain nothing.
I would then create somewhere a folder called Bibliography and create a replicant of the notes having the full bibliographical reference as a title (ie on the model of note 2).
When I would like to create a bibliography for this project I would simply select all the notes and will then export them as txt, rtf or doc.
The result would be a bibliography arranged by alphabetical order.


At 9/12/2005 11:55:00 am, Anonymous Tellef said...

Nice idea - as long as you need only one formatting style. The problem is for those of us who publish in different contexts where the formatting requirements are different.


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