29 April 2005

TB: I lied about Iraq

A wonderful idea: www.ILiedAboutIraq.com. Try it!

If you follow the link, it directs you to Tony Blair's personal election campaign homepage! Political Geographer Nick Megoran, a Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge who created the link issued the following statement to explain his action:

I welcomed Mr Blair's election victory in 1997, looking forward to seeing his promised 'ethical foreign policy' implemented. Instead, we have witnessed the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, undertaken at the behest of the USA and by the wilful deception of parliament and people.
As someone who, in the course of my work, travels frequently in Muslim Central Asia, I have been struck by how respect and admiration for Britain a decade ago has been transformed into scorn and loathing. This squandering of such goodwill, and the generation of such antipathy, is solely due to Mr Blair's reckless foreign policy. It cannot but be harmful for the UK, but the consequences will be felt long after Mr Blair has departed the political scene.
I cannot in all conscience vote for the party I once supported, and will cast my ballot for a candidate who has opposed this ghastly military misadventure. I urge others to do the same."


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